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Designs that are as individual as your home

Soft Furnishings by Mickie

Mickie’s interest in sewing and soft furnishings began when she first learnt needlework at school. She began her career by sewing at home while she had two young children and now, with over 20 years in the soft furnishing industry, Mickie works out of her shop in Dunchurch, Rugby.

Soft Furnishings by Mickie offers a unique approach to styling your home. Customers get a complete start to finish service, from the initial phone call and house visit to put design ideas together right through to fitting the end product in your home, with Mickie's knowledge and expertise and high quality made-to-measure products tying the whole package together. 


The Soft Furnishings by Mickie approach makes the design, production and fitting process an experience for the customer. To find out more or to start your Soft Furnishings journey, please get in touch with us and book your home visit!

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